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Counselling for Children & Adolescents

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A young girl child playing with a doll.

Words of Counsel offers a safe and encouraging space for children and adolescents to share and discuss issues which they may not be able to talk about freely with their parents or elders. Our counsellors help the youngsters articulate their feelings to understand their inner life. This helps us devise strategies to resolve their social and emotional issues and psychological distress.

Adolescents often find the sudden changes in their mind, body and emotions confusing and disorienting. Good guidance can help them navigate this most challenging of times. Our counsellors can also help adolescent girls understand the essentials of post-puberty hygiene, about their periods, and also how to handle common issues like irritability and mood swings. We can also help clear doubts that they may have difficulty talking to their parents about.

Common issues we can help with include:

  • Moodiness and depression
  • Bullying
  • Learning difficulties
  • Examination stress
  • Puberty related issues
  • Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • Self harm
  • Divorce of parents
  • Death of pets
  • Fear
  • Confusion
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Issues related to relocation (changing homes, schools, or cities)

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