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Words of Counsel: Phone Counselling in Malayalam & English

Over phone or any voice call app.
Rs 490 / 45-minute session.

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Heal, strengthen, and empower yourself to successfully overcome life’s challenges.

Are your problems holding you back? Do you feel that unresolved issues are weighing down your life? Do you feel that sharing your issues with someone can help find resolutions for the problems? Words of Counsel’s telephone counselling service offers a safe space for you to open up about your life, your problems and your thoughts.

Counselling not only helps you to solve the problems holding you back from achieving your full potential, but also gives you guidance and direction in fulfilling your dreams and destiny. At Words of Counsel, we strive to make counselling accessible to all members of society, including children, adolescents, young adults, employed persons, and the aged. To that end, we have chosen counselling through telephone and voice call apps as our method of delivery.

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